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Kids' App Pick: Awesome Eats

Awesome Eats

Awesome Eats

Works on: iOS devices

Cost: Free

For: Kids who like to play with their food


Gaming and vegetables isn’t the first combination that comes to mind when pondering an educational and entertaining app, but Awesome Eats makes it work, and work well. The Whole Kids Foundation (yes, part of Whole Foods Market) developed this fantastic app that uses healthy eating as the motivation for scoring points. 

Kids go through different gaming levels of sorting, tapping and stacking cutely-designed fruits, vegetables and whole grains on moving conveyor belts, while learning healthy tips along the way. Gamers are encouraged with “hoorays,” flashing points and smiling produce. As kids progress through the varying levels of difficulty, they are introduced to wider varieties of vegetables like portobello mushrooms and string beans. 

Awesome Eats is a free app and is great for keeping kids entertained and teaching them that vegetables can indeed be fun.  






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