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Kids' App Pick: Gube



Works on: iOS

Cost: $3.99

For: Kids of all ages


Kids love watching videos, but it can be challenging to find options out there that 1) don’t require you to pay for content, 2) won’t leave your child sitting in front of a screen for long period of time trying to find ones that are appealing, and most importantly, 3) are age-appropriate and safe. If you’re seeking something that addresses all these concerns, look no further than Gube

Gube is a fantastic iOS app that curates thousands of kid-friendly videos that are appropriate for kids young to old(er). All the videos are pre-screened so you can rest assured that the clips have no questionable content. The clips also vary in length so your child gets a nice variety of kid-friendly entertainment. 

When your child has designated favorite videos, you can tag them as such so that they can be re-visited and watched whenever desired, which is perfect because we all know how kids like to watch things over and over (and over) again.






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