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Kids' App Pick: Shape-O ABC's

Shape-O ABC's

Shape-O ABC’s

Works on: iOS

Cost: $1.99

For: Preschoolers learning shapes and their ABCs


Learning the alphabet is an exciting phase in a young child’s life. Once they master the ABC song and can identify letters, a whole new world opens up for them. Shape-O ABC’s takes the learning process to another level and integrates puzzles, shapes, colors and sounds to help kids get their letters down. 

Kids pick a puzzle from a bunch of colorful options and then are presented with a jumble of geometric shapes and letters that they must put in the right place. When each letter is placed, the letter is dictated to ensure kids know which letter is which. After the puzzle has been completed and the word has been spelled out, kids are rewarded with a hearty ‘congratulations!’ ‘awesome!’ or other affirmations.   

The app is also provides varying levels of difficulty to suit kids who are in different stages of the alphabet learning process. Shape-O ABC’s is beautifully designed and is a great educational app for any little ones who are learning their letters.





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