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Kids' App of the Week: Casey's Contraptions

Casey's Contraptions

Casey’s Contraptions – HD for iPad 

Works on: iPad

Cost: $2.99

For: Kids aged 6+ who like to explore the ultimate in cause and effect 

You wouldn’t think that a six-year-old would be that interested in physics just yet, but Casey’s Contraptions takes complex theories of physics and turns them into wildly fun games and puzzles. Kids have to help Casey reach his toys by building contraptions - think, ball rolls down the ramp --> hits the pendulum --> swings the arm to hit the bucket…and so on and so forth. 

Introducing these Rube Goldberg concepts to kids from a young age helps develop their scientific minds and is just plain fun. There are lots of items to begin making these contraptions – everything from slingshots to trapdoors to darts – and more than 70 levels of play, making this an addictive app for early elementary schoolers to adults. Contraption-builders can even create plans of their masterpieces and circulate them via email to friends and family. 

Casey’s Contraptions is a highly entertaining and highly educational app – a combination that’s not seen as often as we should when it comes to kids’ apps.






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