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Kids' App of the Week: happyKids - Veterinarian

happyKids - Veterinarian

happyKids – Veterinarian

Works on: iPad

Cost: FREE until tomorrow Feb. 17th!  

For: Animal lovers and wanna be veterinarians


Kids love playing doctor, examining patients and pretending to diagnose very serious illnesses like “owies” and “boo boos.” If a few stuffed animal friends happen to enter the fray, the doctor game easily transitions from doctor's office to vet's office. 

This cute happyKids – Veterinarian app lets budding animal doctors take their diagnoses to the virtual world. Designed for kids ages 2-6, happyKids takes imaginative play to the next level by providing lively animals on which kids can practice their medicinal skills. You choose an animal that you want to examine – there are dogs, cats, a parrot or a cockatoo – and then you go through the different spots that ail the animal to solve puzzles, like connecting dots to create a dog bone or picking fleas off of his coat.   

The app is quite similar to another favorite of mine, Toca Doctor, but uses animals instead of humans as patients. It’s a fun way for kids to experiment on things other than their stuffed animals and be the resident vet.




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