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Kids' App of the Week: My PlayHome

My PlayHome

My PlayHome

Works on: iPhone and iPad (it’s easier to play with on the iPad)

Cost: $3.99

For: Anyone who likes to play “house”


When young children play together, it’s inevitable that you’ll eventually hear little voices saying, “You be the mommy and I’ll be the daddy…” 

Playing “house” and pretending to cook dinner, take the kids to school, go to work, or a variety of other daily rituals is a favorite activity among the tot lot. For the kids who love to play house, the My PlayHome app takes real-world play to the virtual world, and is just as much fun.   

My PlayHome presents a family of five and a choice of different rooms throughout their house (living room, bathroom, kitchen, etc.). You can pick and choose which family members you want in each room and interact with objects in the scene. In the kitchen, you can fry and egg while the boys eat their cereal and watermelon; in the living room, you can change the CDs or have the family watch a TV program together. 

What’s cool about this app is that there are so many options and that every time a child plays with it, it will be a different experience. The developer who created the app pegs itself as a next generation “doll house,”  and although that term typically lends itself to the female gender, there’s no doubt that boys will enjoy playing “house” 2.0-style, too.



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