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Kids' App of the Week: Potty Time with Elmo

Potty Time with Elmo

Potty Time with Elmo

Works on: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Cost: $2.99

For: Toilet-training toddlers!


Getting potty trained is always a challenging and exciting process for little ones and their parents. Some kids just seem to get it right away, while others can take longer (much longer) to grasp the concept and let go of those diapers. Sometimes a little reinforcement can help, especially if it comes in the way of a fuzzy red friend. 

The Potty Time with Elmo app is a digital version of the popular book and takes kids through Elmo’s process of teaching his Baby David doll to use the potty. There are fun activities, lively potty songs and realistic sound effects that kids can interact with throughout the story. There’s even a rewards chart that kids can use each time they achieve any kind of success with potty training. After all, every little step towards being diaper-free should be rewarded. 

While I wish the narration of the story was from Elmo himself, there’s enough of his cheerful voice to motivate kids to keep on making potty progress.  







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