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Kids Choose Tech Over Clothes for Back-to-School


Many families around the country are reveling in the last couple weeks of summer freedom before the madness of the school schedule starts again. And while parents have clean clothes and new backpacks on their lists for back-to-school shopping, a recent survey by Ebates finds that kids would prefer gadgets. 

Ebates, with the help of Harris Interactive, polled 2,208 parents and 1,142 kids and found a disconnect between what parents think their kids want and what is it that their kids actually desire. According to the survey, 43 percent of parents predicted that their kids want new clothes, but only 29 percent do. It’s the 42 percent of kids who would prefer a tablet, laptop or smartphone to start off the year right, as opposed to new threads (only 10 percent of parents predicted that their kids would want technology). 

Technology has been introduced to kids’ curriculums earlier than ever before and even kindergartners are getting iPad access all year-long. With this increasing exposure in the school setting, along with seeing how frequently their parents are checking their phones at home, it makes sense that technology would be on the priority list for kids. 

Have your kids expressed a preference for tech over clothes for this upcoming school year?







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