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Kids Love the iPad, Parents Love These Top Education Apps


Kids and iPads are a match made in heaven. Whether they’re using it for games, education or entertainment, kids are simply drawn to the iPad like moths to a flame. It’s no wonder that this device is a highly coveted item and was the number one requested gift this past holiday season. 

Parents also see the appeal of their kids using the device. Some allow it for educational purposes and others realize that it can serve as a good ‘babysitter’ when they need to get things done. 

Tablet adoption among families is growing rapidly. took a look at recent data around tablets and found that in December 2011, one in ten adults owned a tablet and by January 2012, that number jumped to one in five. That’s remarkable growth. And of these tablet-toting households with kids, 70 percent of them have used the device for gaming, entertainment, education, watching TV and other uses. Seventy-seven percent of parents think that tablets are beneficial to kids and help with their creativity.   

Check out the following infographic outlining some more interesting stats on tablet usage in homes. And take note of the section at the bottom that outlines some of the most popular educational apps that parents are downloading for their kids. 

The New Nanny: Tablets and other Mobile Devices Teach and Entertain Kids

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