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Kurio Tablet Meant for Kids, But Parents Can Use it Too [GIVEAWAY]

Kurio Kids Tablet

If there’s an iPad in your house, it’s likely there have been many times when you have searched for it, only to find it in the hands of your kid. The iPad, actually any tablet for that matter, has a certain appeal for kids. It’s the ease-of-use, interactivity, bright colors, and of course, all the awesome apps and games that draw them right in. 

There are a lot of great dedicated kids’ tablets on the market and if you’re looking for an alternative to get them to stop hoarding yours, Kurio Kids Tablet by TechnoSource is a good choice. More than just a kids’ toy acting as a tablet, the Kurio is a full-featured Android-powered device that offers many of the same attributes of other full-fledged tablets on the market, such as a 7” interactive touchscreen, front and rear-facing cameras, 4 GBs of storage, a USB and HDMI port, and a kid-friendly bumper that protects it from drops and crashes. Protection is good. 

With its Web access, Adobe Flash support, built-in Wi-Fi, an HD player (with an estimated five hours of video playback) and audio player, Kurio’s features go beyond what a kid would need and satisfy the needs of a casual adult tablet user as well. If parents and kids are tablet-sharing, there are helpful Parental Controls that limit access for kids, yet free up the device for when adults need access. Parents can customize controls for each of the tablet’s users (up to eight different profiles can be established), as well as create time restrictions, password-protect areas and personalize Kurio’s web filtering features to ensure that it’s age-appropriate for each user. 

The Kurio comes pre-loaded with a lot of the same apps that your kids have been sneaking your tablet for, including Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Where’s My Water and more. Additional apps can be purchased directly from the Kurio Android Marketplace (note: NOT Google Play) and while not nearly as vast as iTunes, you can still access lots of curated educational and entertainment-focused apps, e-books and more. 

There are a lot of tablets out there for varying needs and ages. If you're looking for a kids' tablet that for once you can sneak away from them and use, the Kurio is a good choice to consider.

The Kurio tablet is available for purchase from Toys ‘R Us for $149.99.


*One lucky Screen Play reader will be the winner of a Kurio Kids Tablet!! Simply click here to enter for a chance to win.

The giveaway runs from Tuesday, Sept. 18 – Tuesday, Sept. 25.    












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