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App Pick of the Week: Faces iMake - ABC

Faces iMake - ABC

Faces iMake – ABC

Cost: $1.99

Works on: iOS 

App developer iMagine Machine, makers of great kids’ apps like Faces iMake – Right Brain Creativity and The Monsters Family, has just released another creative educational app for kids called Faces iMake – ABC. Similar to the concept of its original Faces iMake, the ABC app uses the alphabet to let kids build things and play with letters in one interactive experience. 

Geared towards preschoolers and pre-kindergartners, Faces iMake – ABC features cute characters and objects that represent each letter of the alphabet – Santa for “S”, robot for “R” and so on. The items used to represent each letter are everyday objects like food, tools, kitchen utensils, buttons and small toys. Kids can pick a letter they want to work on, see how the letter sounds and then put the “puzzle” together to help make that letter-to-object connection. 

Faces iMake – ABC is a great educational app for kids that reinforcse letter learning, and makes the associations to real world objects easier to grasp through puzzles and interactivity.

Faces iMake - ABC makes letter learning fun

Faces iMake - ABC makes letter learning fun 

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