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LifeProof Protects Your iPhone From All External Threats, Even Toddlers!


If your iPhone has ever been spilled on, splashed, rained on, or even worse, been dropped in the toilet (eeek!), you know that sinking feeling that your precious you-are-my-everything device may have met its last day. And although there are many “remedies” you can find online like placing your iPhone in a bag of rice, hair drying it, surrounding it with silica packets, etc., you probably soon realized that prevention is key to avoid future drama around water-centric incidents. 

To avoid future iPhone drama and trauma in the future, consider sealing your iPhone in a LifeProof case, which will protect it from all the weather and debris elements imaginable. LifeProof not only claims the case to be waterproof to 6.6 feet underwater, but also dirt-proof, snow-proof and shock-proof, the four ‘proofs’ of course. Unlike other solutions that offer more of a vacuum-seal bag enclosure around your phone, the LifeProof case is an actual case that snaps around your phone for a form-fitting and rugged shell. There’s barely any added heft over a regular iPhone case, which is nice since more protection often translates into more bulk. 

Installation is a breeze. I found the most difficult part to be ridding the surface of all dust particles – an almost impossible feat without a can of compressed air. The case simply snaps together and with a few presses and you instantly have more reassurance that your expensive iPhone is much more protected than before. 

While I did notice a slightly muted sound with my notifications, text message alerts and other sounds emanating from the phone, it’s not significant enough for me to warrant taking case off. LifeProof is designed for iPhone 4/4S and comes in white, black, purple and pink, and also comes with a headphone adapter (they’re working on an iPad case!). There are fun accessories you can buy for the case that let you attach it to a bike handle, clip onto your belt, wrap around your arm for jogging and more. It's also great protection for the beach as you start planning those sun-filled days at the shore this upcoming summer. 

With young kids in tow, drops and spills in particular were the most concerning threats, but now with the LifeProof case, my mind is at ease whenever kids are handling the phone. In addition to the four proofs, it’s nice to know that the LifeProof case is also juice-proof, watercolor-proof, sticky jam hands-proof and drool-proof, the four other proofs that are just as threatening to any expensive gadget. Yes, it's pricey for $79.99, but considering the peace of mind it gives you for keeping your phone fully protected, thLifeProof iPhone case is definitely worth the investment. 

Here's a look at the LifeProof case in action: 

The LifeProof case for iPhone is available for $79.99.



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