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Looking for a Great Kids’ Tablet? Check out VTech’s InnoTab [GIVEAWAY]

VTech InnoTab

It’s amazing how in the past year we have seen such a huge growth in the number of tablets for kids. One of the first toy manufacturers to break into the tablet scene was VTech with the launch of its InnoTab. Geared towards ages 4-9, the InnoTab gives kids a tablet experience through games, activities and “apps,” and offers age-appropriate technology without parents having to worry about kids accessing the Internet unmonitored and coming across inappropriate content. 

Out of the box, the InnoTab features a 5” color touchscreen and provides reinforced sides for accidental drops and dings. There is a headset jack, a USB port to connect to a PC, and an SD slot if you want additional storage for games that you download. In addition to features like a calendar, calculator, video/photo player, MP3 player, alarm clock and contacts database, the device also comes with two games and an e-book. 

When you want to expand beyond what’s available on the InnoTab, you can download more content from VTech’s Learning Lodge Navigator which provides access to additional games, apps and e-books (as well as a parental dashboard that monitors kids’ progress on the gadget). Just keep in mind that the activities available through the Learning Lodge are considered a miniaturized version of the much more full-featured games and activities you’d find if you were to purchase separate gaming cartridges, which are $24.99. The draw for these cartridges is that they’re branded with your kids’ favorite characters from popular titles like Cars 2, Toy Story, Dora and the Disney Fairies. It’s unfortunate that the cartridges for other VTech learning toys like MobiGo and V.Reader aren’t compatible, which would make the cost of all these separate cartridges a little easier to handle. 

A draw for the InnoTab is that it serves as both an MP3 player and a video player. I downloaded a handful of my kids’ favorite songs onto the device, as well as videos from when they were babies, and they love being able to access this kind of content themselves without my help.     

The InnoTab requires four AA batteries, but you can purchase a separate AC adapter and car charger so you still have a power option if you’re without replacements when the batteries die out.  From the games, cartridge options, built-in art studio, video and photo features, and the pure engagement factor, the VTech InnoTab is sure to become a favorite toy in your house. 

The VTech InnoTab is priced at $79.99 and comes in pink or blue. Additional gaming cartridges can be purchased for $24.99.


*One lucky Screen Play reader will be the winner of a VTech prize bundle including an InnoTab and two game cartridges – Toy Story 3 and Dora the Explorer, a prize valued at $130!!

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The giveaway runs from Tuesday, July 3 – Tuesday, July 10.