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Nabi Tablet Is Meant for Kids, But Parents Will Use it Too [GIVEAWAY!]

Nabi Tablet

Tablets, tablets, everywhere tablets! This is indeed the year of the tablet. I’ve mentioned on a couple occasions that the iPad tops kids’ wish lists this Christmas, but if you’re interested in a less expensive alternative with many of the high-end features you find on the iPad, Fuhu’s Nabi Tablet for kids is definitely one to take a look at. 

Nabi Tablet enters the kids’ tablets market and joins the ranks of other offerings from companies like LeapFrog, VTech and VINCI. There is a very wide range of tablets available for kids – everything ranging from battery-operated toys to more full-featured technology devices like Nabi.

Unlike some of the existing kids’ products on the market that are more toy than tablet, Nabi is the first kids-focused tablet powered by the Android platform. This $200 tablet has a bright 7-inch touchscreen, a front-facing camera, 4 GB of storage, Flash compatibility and a battery that boasts five hours of continuous use on a full charge. You can tell it’s a tablet for kids when you see the interface that contains bright icons that clearly delineate what each app offers, e.g. music, videos, books, etc. 

Nabi comes with more than $150 worth of pre-loaded content, like apps, music, books and games. Speaking of games, many kids will be thrilled to know that highly popular titles like Angry Birds, Need for Speed and Fruit Ninja are ready and waiting on the tablet. There’s also a video icon that gives access to clips of your kids’ favorite characters like Clifford, Barney, Blue Clues and others, and you can also stream Netflix content directly onto the tablet. 

Beyond the pure entertainment factor, Nabi has exclusive access to Fooz Kids University, another Fuhu brand, which offers a math curriculum for kids aged pre-K through 5th grade. 

Additional age-appropriate content and apps can be downloaded directly from the Nabi App Store, which offers 500+ apps. What’s reassuring for parents is that they can enter a parental mode that designates which apps they’d like their kids to see at start-up. But like any other tablet, if kids happen to enter specific apps like Netflix, there are no controls within the app to monitor what they watch, so parents just need to be aware of what their kids are doing. 

Nabi is a great device for kids that goes beyond the more toy-focused tablets on the market and provides a high-end technology gadget that will entertain and educate them for years to come. 

Nabi Tablet is available from Toys ‘R Us for $199.99.


**Fuhu is offering the Nabi Tablet to a lucky Screen Play winner! This high-tech gadget, valued at $199, will provide kids (and parents) with hours of entertainment. It’s flying off the shelves, so enter here for your chance to win one! 

The giveaway runs from Tuesday, Dec. 12 – Sunday, Dec. 18 (Read the official rules here)

**Please note: Fuhu will do everything possible to expedite delivery to the winner before Christmas, but delivery before the holiday is NOT guaranteed. 







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