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Nearly Half of Moms Hide Facebook Profiles from Kids


A lot of discussion around Facebook and kids centers on how effectively parents are monitoring their kids and the kinds of activities they engage in on this social network. And while moms are busy checking their kids’ profiles, they’re more comfortable keeping their own Facebook pages out of sight from their kids. 

According to a recent survey of 1,100+ moms by The Parenting Group, publishers of, Parenting and BabyTalk magazines, 46 percent of moms on Facebook consider their social personas “off-limits” and don’t allow access parts of their profile pages, even though 90 percent of parents are “friends” with their kids. And the social circle of parent and child doesn’t stop there. Seventy-seven percent of parents are not only friends with their kids, but with their kids’ friends as well. 

As for Facebook usage, approximately half of parents prohibit their kids from spending more than an hour a day on Facebook and 20 percent only allow their kids to log-in if they (or another adult) are present. 

While Facebook and social media in general remains an area where parents are protective, the study found that smartphones in general are more than readily passed between kids and moms. Forty percent of moms give their phones to their kids to play games on daily basis and 35 percent say that their kids enjoy the many kids’ apps on their phones for an hour or more a day. When it comes to apps, moms have an average of 11 apps downloaded, with more than 25 percent of those being for their kids. 

Mark Wildman, VP/Group Publisher of the Parenting Group says, “We know that the smartphone is the modern mom’s lifeline – and that Facebook is her communication pipeline – but how and when she introduces her children to both worlds is still uncharted territory for most parents.” 

If your kids were old enough to be on Facebook with you, would you share everything on your profile with them?







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