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Need An Easier Way to Keep That Baby Book Updated? Check Out Kidmondo


With my first kid, I was diligent about keeping the baby book up-to-date, entering every milestone, every hair cut, doctor’s appointment, weight/height increases, new teeth, new words…well, you get the gist. When my second came along, I made an effort to keep up the same diligence, but the rigors of parenting two kids and a career took over and the baby book for baby #2 soon became a mere ornament on the bookshelf. Yes, second baby gets shafted again.

If a cool site like Kidmondo had existed back then, I could’ve at least made more of an effort to keep things updated by entering things in here and there digitally. Kidmondo is your online equivalent of a souped up baby book. There are different features that enable parents to enter in a diary, track growth on charts, keep medical and dental records, add photos and videos and share anything or everything in a secure manner with loved ones.

The interface is very easy to manage, which makes it simple and fun to write about Cameron’s first experience with mashed bananas or Ella’s first trip to the zoo. There’s even an option to make prints or turn the online journal into a printed book with Kidmondo’s KidBook feature, turning those precious memories something you can cherish as much as those many firsts in your baby’s life.

Kidmondo is free for its basic service which comes with three separate kid journals, 100 MB of storage, but has advertisements. For an ad-free version, unlimited journals and 5 GB of storage, the cost is $39 for one year.