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Need a Tech Makeover? Win a Full Technology Suite from HP [GIVEAWAY]


Parents are very good at juggling and multitasking. They have to be. In addition to the general care and maintenance of children, the scheduling alone – with the onslaught of extracurricular activities, appointments, play dates, birthday parties and everything else – is a job in and of itself. 

The central command station in most houses is the family computer. It is where photos are stored, music is played, budgets are managed and calendars are stored. And that’s just scratching the surface. To keep up with the hustle and bustle of daily life with kids, a high-tech machine that’s robust enough to handle the barrage of information is necessary. Is your current system up to the challenge? 

The HP TouchSmart 320 is just one of those innovative pieces of machinery that is up to the task and can handle anything that a busy family on-the-go can throw at it. In addition to the striking design, what I noticed out of the box is the ease of set-up. The TouchSmart 320 is comprised of two parts – the 20” widescreen HD display, and the keyboard (it’s wireless!). It’s literally plug-and-play and has one cord that goes from the computer to the wall. It’s a nice departure from computers with elaborate wiring and complicated instruction manuals. There is no tech-frustration when setting this up. 

Upon start-up, the huge screen flashes its bright, sharp colors and the intuitive design interface allows for touch-activated use. The unit comes with proprietary TouchSmart software and apps for Music, Video playback and storage, Photos, Calendars and Webcam use – there’s a camera built-in. There’s also a media card reader and six USB ports for additional accessories. 

Getting to the technical features, the HP TouchSmart 320 runs Windows 7 software and it comes with a dual-core processor, 4GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive. In a nutshell, it’s super fast and has more storage than you could ever need. It also has a DVD burner so you can use the crystal clear display to play movies in the kitchen while you’re getting dinner ready. Speaking of entertainment, the Beats Audio Studio Quality Sound makes any gaming, DVD, Web TV-enabled or audio experience superb. 

Playing with the interface is fun and very futuristic in feel. Similar to those huge fancy touch-screen displays you see on CNN broadcasts, the interaction with the TouchSmart 320 is very similar and can either be done via touch (there’s even a touch-screen keyboard), manually with the mouse or a combination of both. This model also comes with HP’s “Magic Canvas” software which allows you to alter your desktop icons and apps horizontally so you can literally scroll through them and access multiple apps at once, and also leave yourself little digital sticky notes and reminders on the desktop.

While you have things covered on the home front, you may need a complementary HP-enabled machine for when you’re on-the-go. And what mom isn’t? For mobile moms who are still managing the household when they’re not even in the house, the HP Pavilion dm1 notebook is a great choice. It’s compact but powerful, boasting a speedy processor, 8 GB of memory, 11.6” HD display, full-sized keyboard, 10 hour-long battery life and three USB ports. This little 3.5 lb. machine is powerful enough to keep track of everything on the road, but portable enough that you can throw it in the diaper bag, the stroller, the backseat of the car, wherever you are. 

You have the dm1 outside the house, the TouchSmart inside the house, and what's cool about these HP products in your life is that they are perfectly symbiotic. With HP's LinkUp technology, the dm1 can talk to your TouchSmart and vice versa, wirelessly syncing together to ensure that your content (documents, files, folders, photos, etc.) is accessible across both devices, or any other HP device, on your home network. 

This technology suite is a perfect addition to any busy family's household and one very lucky family will soon reap all the benefits that the TouchSmart 320 and dm1 Pavilion have to offer.

With Mother's Day right around the corner, it's likely we all know someone who could use a tech overhaul. See giveaway details below!  



The HP TouchSmart 320 pricing starts at $599.99 and the dm1 Pavilion notebook starts at $399.99. 


*One lucky Screen Play reader will be the winner of an INCREDIBLE tech makeover, courtesy of HP, including the HP TouchSmart 320, the HP Pavilion dm1 AND an HP X4000 Wireless Laser Mouse – a prize package valued at more than $1,000!! This will make an amazing Mother’s Day present for one winner. And don't forget to spread the news to other deserving families! Readers can tweet about the giveaway using the #HPLovesMom hashtag!  

Simply click here to enter. The giveaway runs from Tuesday, April 17 – Tuesday, April 24.






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