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Nukotoys Redefines "Trading Cards" and Brings Animals to Life on the iPad


Appcessories are getting more sophisticated, interactive and just plain cool. Oh to be a kid in this age of digital toys. The latest (and really awesome) addition to the appcessory world comes from Nukotoys, a truly innovative company that has redefined what “trading cards” mean in this 2.0 world of play. Nukotoys’ Animal Planet Wildlands mixes education and entertainment to teach kids about the wild animal kingdom through interactive cards that get digitally transferred to the iPad through a simple tap. Yes, you read that right. 

To play, you first need to purchase these trading card packs from retailers such as Apple, Target, Toys ‘R Us and Walmart. With cards in hand, a simple download of the free Animal Planet Wildlands app and you’re ready to start learning about each animal’s native living environment in amazing color, clarity and detail. One of Nukotoys’ taglines is “Tap a Nuko,” and lo and behold, it really is tap and play. Simply tap the card onto the side of the screen and the animal magically appears on the screen in all its 3-D glory. There are red howler monkeys, cheetahs, ocelots, lions, gorillas, giraffes, spotted hyenas and more to learn about. 

In addition to learning about the animals, their living habitats and even watching Animal Planet videos, card holders can help the animals run through the plains, race against other animals, change the weather, attack prey and engage in puzzles and activities. The cards are geared towards kids ages 3-7, but there’s no doubt that kids (and adults) of all ages will be mesmerized. The cards cost $1.99 for a three-pack and $3.99 for a seven-pack. That in conjunction with the free app is a very small price to pay for an iPad experience that will leave its users begging for more. 

See for yourselves: 

Nukotoys also offers Monsterology trading cards that immerse the user into a 3-D world of fantasy, based on the popular Ology book series. To try out this immersive gaming experience, please check here to see where Nukotoys trading cards are sold near you.  






(Full disclosure: I serve on the Parents@Play Advisory Board for Nukotoys.)  

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