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PBS KIDS' "Democracy Project" Helps Kids Learn About Upcoming Presidential Election

PBS KIDS' The Democracy Project

The relentless Obama/Romney TV ads, political cold calls and sound bites on the news can only indicate that the Presidential Election is fast approaching – November 6th is right around the corner! For your school-age children who are likely discussing the election in their classrooms, PBS KIDS’ The Democracy Project is a great complementary website that further explains all the intricacies of the federal government and election process in a fun and engaging way. 

Aimed for kids in grades 3-6, The Democracy Project provides interactive election-themed exercises, educational tidbits and fun facts. Kids can get to know the candidates and learn a little more personal information about them. Did you know that Mitt’s favorite foods are hot dogs and meatloaf cakes, while Barack’s are Hawaiian-style pizza and granola bars? 

Future politicians can also get a taste of Presidential power by acting as ‘President for a Day,’ and making decisions about the daily activities that the Commander in Chief may partake in. In addition to that, kids can create their own campaign posters, learn about how government works and how it affects us on a daily basis. 

PBS KIDS’ The Democracy Project is a fantastic resource for kids to learn more about this important upcoming election and get a better feel for how they are governed on a city, state and national level. Parents might learn something too.






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