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Project Those Adorable Kid Videos with PoP Video

PoP Video Projector

If you’re like me, you have hundreds (or thousands) of adorable photos and videos of your kids on your iPhone. While keeping those memories in your back pocket is great for when you want to show grandma little Josie’s soccer game or little Jack’s karate class, it can sometimes be a bit of a nuisance when you’re trying to show off these videos to a bunch of people who have to huddle around your little screen. 

Luckily, there is a fantastic solution for projecting those photos and videos for all to marvel at. The PoP Video Projector by Micron Technology is a mini projector that connects via USB to your iPhone (or iPod Touch). Find a white wall, dim the lights and you have an instant slideshow or mini movie projector to show off all those cute kid moments. 

PoP Video comes with a free app that lets you not only project your own content, but also project your Internet searches, funny YouTube videos and more. It comes with a lithium battery and can be charged with an iPhone or iPad charger, resulting in about two hours of playtime. It’s very compact and has a little pop-up dock connector that the iPhone can slide right into. There is a focusing slide on the side of the device to ensure your images are projected crisply on the wall – and they are crisp. And just a tip, the darker the room, the better the image quality. 

The PoP Video Projector is a great gadget for any parent to have. There’s always an occasion for showing off those adorable kid videos, right? 




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