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Screen Play App of the Week: Andrew Answers

Andrew Answers

Andrew Answers

Works on: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Cost: $3.99

For: Ages 3+


What do you get when you combine a misunderstood kid, letter learning and a trip to the Oval Office? The ‘Andrew Answers’ storybook app, of course. Andrew is a cute character that goes through a series of authority figures who keep prompting him to state words that start with particular letters. When his choices don’t align with what they’re looking for, you get to follow Andrew through his journey from the classroom to the Principal’s office and beyond. 

This is a cute interactive storybook act that combines letter learning with interactive games and maze puzzles. Kids will relate to Andrew’s enthusiasm and his experience with authority figures in his school, town and even federal government! (Hint: he goes to the Oval Office!) The artwork is great and kids will have fun interacting with Andrew and his adventures.




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