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Screen Play App of the Week: Baby Pack & Go

Baby Pack & Go

Baby Pack & Go

Works on: iOS and Android devices

Cost: FREE  

For: Parents traveling with babies  


Traveling with a baby requires a lot of organization, gear and luggage. There’s baby’s bottles, diapers, extra clothes, burp cloths, toys, teethers, snacks…you know how it is. With Baby Pack & Go, you have ready-made checklists at your fingertips and keeps you organized so that in the frenzy of packing, you won't forget baby's favorite stuffed animal. You know, the one she needs to go to sleep. 

The app also comes with a built-in “reminders” feature, so you can log tasks and get alerts on your phone (great for if you need to give your baby medicine at a certain time). You can share lists between your devices and also email them freely to anyone you desire. This app takes some of the stress out of preparing for a trip with a baby, and helps make sure you bring everything you need to keep her happy.







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