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Screen Play App of the Week: Book of Me

Book of Me

Book of Me 

Works on: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Cost: $1.99 (there’s also a free Lite version available)

For: Kids who want to be the star of their own book


Kids love seeing themselves on video, hearing themselves on audio and being the little stars of the show. This app lets kids do both. The Book of Me provides a personalized experience that lets kids create their own cartoon avatars and star in different stories about daily activities like bedtime and mealtime. 

Kids will have a blast during the initial process of creating their cartoon equivalents, choosing hair color, eye color, favorite colors, nose shape and so on. Then the story unfolds…The Book of Goodnight, for example, lets kids select from being an astronaut or a superhero and then progresses from whichever choices are made. You can record yourself (or your kid) narrating the story so that when the story is complete, your child can flip through her personalized tale with a personalized narration to accompany. 

The stories and graphics are very simple and will entertain young kids. It would be nice if more stories were added to the mix, but for now, there’s enough there to keep your toddlers and preschoolers occupied and entertained.


The free lite version gives a sampling of a few pages of each of the books available in the full version, but is a great way to preview the app to determine if you want to spend the $1.99 for the full version.