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Screen Play App of the Week – Chuggington Terrific Trainee!

Chuggington Terrific Trainee

Chuggington Terrific Trainee!

Works on: iPhone and iPod Touch, special HD version for iPad

Cost: $1.99 for iPhone/iPod Touch version, $2.99 for HD iPad version   

For: Little train engineers


Every kid seems to go through a train phase to some degree or another. Whether your kids are obsessed (like my son once was) or merely like to “ride the rails” on occasion and happily make choo choo sounds, they will undoubtedly equally enjoy the Chuggington Terrific Trainee app. 

Based on the popular series on the Disney Channel, this app features Chuggington and his friends embarking on missions to make deliveries and fulfilling their important train duties. There are four different games that kids can play that involve jumping rails, loading cargo, making pick-ups and deliveries, and more. Kids can earn gold, silver and bronze badges for their efforts, all the while getting encouragement from Chuggington and friends. 

There are different levels of difficulty, but given the repetition of the games and similarities between the missions, this app is best suited for preschoolers. When young train enthusiasts have an urge for some interactive train play, the Chuggington Terrific Trainee! app will hit the spot.





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