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Screen Play App of the Week: ESRB Rating Search


ESRB Rating Search

Works on: iOS, Android and Windows 7 devices

Cost: FREE  

For: Parents who need more guidance on which video games are appropriate for their kids


When you walk into any video game store, it can be overwhelming to sort through the shelves upon shelves of video game titles to find one that’s age appropriate for your kid. ESRB ratings are a great starting point to pick the right video game for your kid because it tells you the game rating and the ages for which it’s best suited. 

To get more information beyond the rating, ESRB has made it even easier with its ESRB Rating Search app. The app provides the rating itself, as well as summaries that go into greater detail on the content of the game in question. The cool part is that to conduct a search on a title, you can either take a photo of the cover with your mobile phone and pull up the information, or manually type in a title. When it comes to games and the wide range of (graphic) content present in many of them, it’s better to be safe and informed.




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