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Screen Play App of the Week: Kids in Mind

Kids in Mind

Kids in Mind

Works on: iPhone and iPod Touch 

Cost: $1.99 for the Pro version (there’s also a free version available)

For: Parents who want to know the content of movies before letting their kids see them 


Have you ever taken your kid to a movie that you assumed was perfectly innocent, only to look over and see him huddled in his seat with his hands over his face? It can be hard to know the content of a movie and whether or not it is suitable for your child. A movie may have an MPAA rating that is fine for your child's age, but that doesn't always mean your child is ready to watch it.   

For a thorough explanation of the content of every movie, the Kids in Mind app is an amazing resource. This doesn't offer movie critiques or recommendations, it simply and so helpfully provides ratings for Sex/Nudity, Violence/Gore and Profanity. And not only does it provide ratings on a scale of 0-10, but the app's summaries describe the questionable scenes in detail. There’s also a section that details movies that have just been released to video. 

The Kids in Mind app is a complement to the site, If you have kids old enough to sit through a movie, this app is a must-have family resource.


The $1.99 Pro version offers a year’s worth of movie ratings and when the year is up, you may purchase an additional year through an in-app purchase. If you want to give the app a test before making a decision, there is also a free version that offers sixty days worth of reviews. There's also a separate iPad version available for $2.99.





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