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Screen Play App of the Week: LED Light for iPhone 4

LED Light

LED Light for iPhone 4 

Works on: iPhone 4 and 4S (here’s a similar flashlight app available for Android phones)

Cost: FREE 

For: Anyone in need of a little (or a lot of) light


There are many times when I unload the car of the kids, the groceries, the backpacks, etc. and find myself walking through a cluttered garage when the automatic timed light goes out. Rather than fumble my way around the boxes and garbage cans, I prefer to avoid all potential for injury and use this handy LED Light on my phone as a flashlight.

There are lots of flashlight apps on the market, but I like this one because it loads quickly and is very bright. The interface displays simply one button to push for instant access to light and another for strobe. Because it’s free, there’s an expected ad banner on the top of the screen, but it really doesn’t get in the way of the utility of the app itself. The cool strobe feature and timer is also handy for those spontaneous dance parties. 






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