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Screen Play App of the Week:'s Can I Eat It?’s Can I Eat It?

Works on: iOS

Cost: $1.99

For: Anyone pregnant who consumes food


For pregnant women, getting the right food is one of the most important ways for ensuring a healthy pregnancy and baby. But with all the shoulds and shouldn’ts around what to eat during those nine months, it can be very confusing to know if a sample of Brie from the cheese platter is OK or not. (The app tells you that soft cheeses are a no-no!) 

Our very own’s Can I Eat It? app is a fantastic resource for double checking any foods that have a question mark and finding out definitively what’s good and bad for you during pregnancy. The app is divided into categories that include Meat & Poultry, Fish, Dairy, Beverages and more, and then is broken down into specific foods. In addition to telling you why you shouldn’t eat that luncheon meat or swordfish, the app also provides helpful advice on Pregnancy Nutrition and ways for keeping yourself and that bun in the oven happy, healthy and nourished.





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