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Screen Play App of the Week: Pitter-Pad



Works on: iPad

Cost: FREE  

For: Parents who can never figure out what their kids’ shoe sizes are


You find a great pair of kids’ shoes and get them home only to find yourself trying to squeeze, smush and cram your kid’s foot into it. What? You JUST bought him a pair last month that were the same brand, same size! Does this scenario sound familiar? Yep, kids’ feet grow very quickly and unless they’re right there with you, shoe shopping can be an exercise in futility. That is, unless you have the clever Pitter-Pad app. 

This is a fantastic app for anyone iPad-toting parent to have. It lets you measure your kid’s foot directly on the screen – length and width – and then tells you what the size should be (of course, some sizing varies by manufacturer). It’s designed for little infant and toddler feet and goes up to a kid’s size 12 US. There is an international size conversion, you can select different background colors, and best of all – it’s free!





h/t Shawn Bean 


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