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Securly Protects All Devices in Your House from Inappropriate Content


Most households nowadays have multiple gadgets and devices that can access the Internet. Whether it’s a tablet, a PC, a mobile phone, even a gaming device, there are so many ways that kids can accidentally or purposely reach the dark corners of the Internet where they shouldn’t be. 

Of course, there are many security parameters that can be put into place like Mobicip for your mobile phone, Net Nanny for your computer and MinorMonitor just for Facebook, but for a more holistic approach to online security for your online security, you may be interested in hearing about a new service that just launched called Securly

Rather than taking a piecemeal approach to Internet security, Securly instead secures your entire Wi-Fi connection and blocks questionable content for ALL wireless devices that go through your router. So that means that dad’s iPad, mom’s PC, Billy’s Playstation and Sarah’s iPod Touch are all protected so that none of these devices can get to the sites you don’t want your kids to see. 

You simply sign up for a free account and Securly offers a new DNS number to redirect your router through (you also have the option to secure individual devices). Once this has taken place, adult we sites, X-rated videos on YouTube, inappropriate keywords and much more are no longer accessible. Securly claims to filter more than 40,000 adult websites and offer safe and secure browsing for kids of all ages. But with a simple log-in and password check, parents still can have full access to the Internet. 

Keep in mind though that once the device leaves the parameters of your wireless network, the security block has been lifted so monitoring outside the house should continue. With the growing number of tech gadgets and toys that are accessing the Internet, Securly provides a one-step process for making sure that your kids are safe from inappropriate content. At least at home. 

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