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Tablets Just Bounce, Not Break, with iBallz Protection


There are a lot of device accessories on the market for protecting your expensive technology from drops, spills and clumsy kid hands, many of which I have featured on Screen Play. There’s the Big Grips case for the iPad, Bubcaps home button covers, and of course, LifeProof products for the ultimate in waterproofing. 

Given how much kids covet these devices, I’m always on the lookout for other keen products to keep our iPads, iPhones, tablets and other mobile devices safe. I’ve come across another accessory that looks kind of funny, has a funny name, but definitely gets the job done when it comes to protection. iBallz is a neat little accessory that provides shock and drop protection to your tablet. By attaching iBallz’s four hard shock-absorbing rubber balls securely to each corner, you can be sure that even when dropped from any angle, the device is protected.   

Because the string that’s attached to the balls is adjustable, iBallz can be used on an iPad, Motorola Xoom, Kindle Fire and more. While iBallz doesn’t offer waterproofing protection, the balls do keep the tablet elevated off the table in case of spills. You can also take one corner ball off to prop it up for watching videos or typing, and also use the string to hang your tablet on the wall.   

Instead of the more specifically kid-focused cases that are either too big, too bulky or too hefty, iBallz’s versatility and lightweight design makes it a good choice for any tablet user in the family who may on occasion have butterfingers. 

iBallz can be purchased directly from the site. Prices start at $24.95.





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