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“Teach Parents Tech” helps parents with technology – your parents, that is

Teach Parents Tech

Screen Play is dedicated to helping parents navigate the world of technology for themselves and their kids. Even though I’ve been primarily focused on technology adoption with the younger generation, i.e. our kids, the older generation could use some attention as well. If you’ve ever walked your parents through setting up a webcam (over the phone), you know what I’m talking about.

Technology is something that the baby boomer generation has had to get acquainted with – quickly. While it seems to come as second nature to preschoolers, the older generation has a much steeper learning curve. If you frequently get calls from your parents on how to do anything computer-related from adding an attachment to an email or spell-checking a Word document, Teach Parents Tech is a fantastic resource you can use to help them.

Coming from the smart folks at Google, Teach Parents Tech offers a whole range of free “care packages” (or instructions) on how to use technology. It includes “Basics” (making text bigger or smaller or copying and pasting) to more advanced options like checking email on your phone or sharing videos. These packages come with video tutorials that simplify the process and take users step-by-step.

And while the intended audience is baby boomers, there are plenty of people of every age who could benefit as well. Consider it a tech tutor for anyone who could use a little extra help with this thing called the World Wide Web – and much more. 



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