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Teacher Steals Baby Pictures on Facebook to Get Back at Boyfriend


If you are someone who is wary of posting any kid-related photos on Facebook due to privacy reasons, this story will not only convince you that you’ve been right all along, but may convince even the most liberal photo-posters that they should proceed with caution. Oh, boy.

A primary school teacher in Wales was recently accused of stealing a friend’s baby’s newborn pictures on Facebook and pretending they were of her daughter to get revenge on an ex-boyfriend. 

The BBC reports that 23-year-old Victoria Jones wanted to get back at her boyfriend, Daniel Barberini, and thought that passing off someone else’s baby as her own was the way to do that. And that someone else was her own friend on Facebook! She nabbed photos of her friend Sarah Jensen’s daughter and used them to show the ex photos from when baby was born, and even for events like Christmas and the baby’s first birthday celebration. 

If that isn’t twisted enough, Jones also told her ex that she had actually given birth to twins, but one of the babies died soon after birth, so she was raising “Keira” all by herself. 

This deceitful behavior was finally discovered when the boyfriend showed the pictures to a friend who happened to recognize them as actually being Jensen’s little girl and not Jones’s. I mean, if they’re all connected on Facebook and have acquaintances between them, someone finding out her suspicious behavior was bound to happen. 

The real mother, Jensen, is quoted as saying, “This is so sick -- it has just destroyed us. Daniel had 82 pictures of Aliyah [who Jones called Keira] on his Facebook -- all sent by Vicky who made out the baby was theirs."

Jones was in court this week and was found guilty of misconduct. She has been barred from teaching for two years.

Such a sad and deranged story and one that makes us all rethink our privacy settings. Will this make you change the way you post photos of your kids?









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