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Toys “R” Us Enters the Kids’ Tablet Market with tabeo


Toy giant Toys “R” Us is entering the competitive tablet market with its very own offering called tabeo. The Android-powered device will feature a 7” screen (touchscreen, of course), Wi-Fi connectivity, 4 GBs of memory and up to seven hours of video playback and a front-facing camera. 

When it comes to kids’ tablets, it seems that all of the Android-powered ones nowadays come with pre-loaded games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope and others. The tabeo is no different. It comes with 50 pre-installed apps that can be used right out of the box that feature games, educational content, entertainment and e-books. When these 50 apps have been exhausted, parents will be able to download additional titles from the tabeo App Store, one that Toys “R” Us says offers more the 7,000 free apps.   

And more relevant to the parents who will be buying this tablet – there is a full Parental Control area that parents can customize for up to eight users, including time and content restrictions, web filtering and blocking. An essential for any tablet that offers Internet access. 


The tabeo will be available starting October 21 at all Toys “R” Us locations for $149.99, or is available for pre-order now directly from the site. 




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