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Two Kid-Friendly Titles for PlayStation Vita [GREAT GAMING GIVEAWAY!]

PlayStation Vita

Earlier this year, the PlayStation Vita launched into the marketplace as a revolution in handheld gaming. It has been heralded for its super crisp graphics, interactive games and comprehensive features, including front and rear-facing cameras, Internet browsing functionality and multimedia content, all in a pretty little package with a nifty touchscreen. 

While the Vita is probably coveted by kids the most, it’s widespread appeal crosses all age groups and can be enjoyed by adults just as much as young gamers. What really makes the PS Vita unique to its users is the slew of awesome interactive games that can be played on this next-generation device. 

Two kid-friendly titles that were recently launched are: 

LittleBigPlanet follows the adventures of a character named Sackboy. Players get to customize Sackboy and the environment around him, literally handcrafting his journey as he goes along. The ultimate goal is to help Sackboy battle against a “bad guy” who wants to steal joy from inhabitants of the Omniverse. Kids can use the interactive touchscreen and manual controls to craft Sackboy’s entire journey. (Rated E for Everyone, $39.99)


Smart As keeps users’ brains sharp as they are guided through different mind exercises in the areas of Logic, Arithmetic, Language and Observation. There are different activities and challenges that require the use of the controls as well as the touchscreen, including a fun dexterity challenge called Chain Reaction. And a fun fact for parents? John Cleese narrates! (Rated E for Everyone, $29.99)



And wouldn’t these games be great holiday gifts for a gamer in your life? But to play them, you need a PlayStation Vita…which PlayStation has generously offered to give away! One very lucky Screen Play will win a PlayStation Vita (Wi-Fi); a copy of LittleBigPlanet and a copy of Smart As, a gaming bundle valued at $320!

Simply click here to enter for a chance to win.

The giveaway runs from Tuesday, Dec. 4 – Tuesday, Dec. 11. (Read the official rules here)








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