You are here Rids Facebook Timelines of All Baby Pictures

Are you the person on friends’ Facebook feeds who only goes on the social network to post pictures of your kids? And more picture of your kids? If so, your friends may be replacing all those photos of yours, unbeknownst to you, thanks to a new Chrome plug-in called Unbaby.Me

It sounds like a joke, but Unbaby.Me actually does replace baby photos with pictures of things like cats, Justin Bieber, bacon, manatees or other random alternatives (the photo substitutes come from Instagram). You can rely on the predetermined list of words like “adorable,” “cute,” “newborn” or “precious” to automatically search and replace all the status updates in your feed, or even take it a step further and add your own list of terms (like specific baby or parent names) of things to be replaced in your feed.   

The extension was created by three ad agency friends who were talking about Facebook one night and realizing how their timelines had become overrun with friends’ baby photos, according to the Los Angeles Times. The founders have nothing against babies and using this extension isn’t meant to express a dislike of babies, according to Yvonne Cheng, one of the founders. The Times quotes her as saying, 

“Personally, I don't hate babies. I love babies. But I do get tired of looking at babies. I think we just addressed the fact that people use social networks for different reasons, and I guess because of the age we are, the majority of people we knew were just using to post pictures of their babies.” 

This Chrome extension can be downloaded for free and can be used in a matter of minutes to replace all those baby pictures. If you come to find out that one (or many) of your friends are using the extension, don’t take it personally, it’s probably nothing against your baby. It may just be that those particular friends like seeing pictures of bacon just a wee bit more.  












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