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Is Using a Cell Phone in the Bathroom REALLY Necessary?

Is the email/text/Facebook update/tweet that important that you need to do it from the bathroom? 

Seems so, considering a recent study of more than 1,000 people by 11mark found that three quarters of people use their devices in the bathroom. The report, entitled, “IT in the Toilet” (lovely) found that not only do 74 percent of men and 76 percent of women report having used their mobile phone in the bathroom, but that a quarter of those surveyed don’t go to the bathroom without their phones. 

Whether it’s answering calls, initiating calls, reading texts, surfing the Internet, even participating in work-related calls (20 percent of men and 13 percent of women admit to doing so), the tether to mobile devices is stronger than ever, clearly. 

It’s no big surprise that 11mark found Gen Y users to be the biggest offenders for “IT in the toilet” behavior. Ninety-one percent use their phone in the bathroom, but surprisingly, the wide majority of those from Gen X (80 percent) also text from the toilet. Even 65 percent of Baby Boomers admit to doing the same.    

While mobile activities from anywhere and everywhere are not going away, keep in mind that there may be very gross consequences to these lavatory-related actions. Keep in mind that another recent study in the UK showed that one out of every six cell phones shows evidence of fecal matter.   

The bottom line, if you are going to text from the toilet, jab from the john, Blackberry from the bathroom…you get the gist, please consider these methods for sanitizing that phone!







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