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A Handy Sanitizing Wand that Uses UV Light to Clean


When my kids were babies, I remember judiciously carrying my disinfecting wipes and using them on questionable table tops, public high chairs, shopping cart handles, basically anything they would be touching before putting their hands in their mouths.

Being pregnant again, I recognize that when this baby comes, I probably won’t be as overly cautious I was the first time around. But with delicate immune systems in the first couple years and babies’ love of putting EVERYTHING in their mouths, I will still be cognizant of the many nasty germs out there on things the baby will be touching.

I recently discovered a very handy handheld sanitizer from Verilux called the CleanWave Sanitizing Wand that uses UV light to disinfect surfaces within seconds. Measuring just 10 inches long, this portable wand can be thrown into your car or diaper bag and can be used on any surface that you’re worried about, even on smaller items like cell phones, keys, remote controls, toys and things that babies want to gnaw on.

CleanWave Sanitizing Wand

The unit is battery powered and is simple to use. Simply turn it on and wave the wand over the surface in question. While you don’t see anything happening, like the surface getting wet as you would with wipes, the UV light is shown to eliminate 99.9% of viruses (like the flu), bacteria and household germs. Verilux also makes a larger version that can be used on bigger surfaces like bed sheets, countertops, etc.

And I certainly don't advocate using this on every single surface in every single room your kids are going to be in. Not all germs are bad, and of course, exposure to them is how kids build their immune systems. But having this device handy for really yucky areas (how about those diaper changing stations in public bathrooms?) may be a savior in those times when you wish you could just disinfect something quickly. Kids getting sick is inevitable, but you can try and minimize their exposure to additional viruses by taking an extra precautionary step and sanitizing those germs away with this handy tech gadget.

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The Portable CleanWave Sanitizing Wand is available for $59.95. 

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