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VINCI Gives Kids Their Very Own Tablet – And a Jumpstart to Education [GIVEAWAY!]

VINCI Tablet

Ever since the iPad made its debut onto the marketplace last year, the tablet has become the ‘it’ device to covet. Not only did other manufacturers create tablets to compete with the iPad, but a slew of tablets for kids emerged on the market as well. The VINCI Tablet is one of them that is geared towards kids aged 0-4 and was created by a mom who realized that her electronic devices were not meeting the needs of her young child. 

Dr. Dan Yang, a telecom entrepreneur, created the VINCI Tablet to provide a kids-focused device based on developmental science, innovative technology and early childhood education, with safety as the first priority. The whole premise of the device is to provide kids with relevant and age-appropriate games, activities and learning apps that encourage young kids to learn at their own pace. 

The design of the tablet itself is very unique and demonstrates the intended age group. The rubberized wide grip handles that surround the device are intended to be chewed on, drooled on and held with sticky hands. The VINCI is an 7-inch Android-based touchscreen device that is created from the safest, non-toxic materials possible and comes bundled with Early Learning Apps, GamesStory Books and Music Videos, which are all part of an ‘Early Learning Curriculum’ that the device is based upon. There is also a 3-megapixel rear-facing camera that is used in the tablet’s game designs to help children through the learning process, or for simply taking photos of your little ones. 

VINCI creator Dr. Yang feels that the biggest differentiator between the VINCI and other kids-focused tablets is its learning curriculum. It was created from intensive research efforts on the ways in which children learn and promotes “constructive” play which engages the various cognitive areas that are developing through any given age range. The learning system is classified into three different learning levels: 

One caveat: If you want to be able to grab the VINCI and check your email or Google something, you’ll be out of luck because there is no Wi-Fi or Internet access available on the device – which is a true indication of the age group it targets. Dr. Yang did that purposely so that young kids aren't able to venture beyond their apps into the dark reaches of the Internet. Other caveat: The device isn’t cheap. The basic version (VL-1001), which offers 4GB storage and comes with Level 1 learning activities sells for $389. The enhanced version (VL-2001) that comes with 8GB of storage and Levels 1 and 2 is $489. Both systems can be upgraded to higher learning levels with an additional membership fee. When asked about the high price of the device and if parents are willing to pay this much for a learning device, Dr. Yang said, “Absolutely. Parents see it as an early investment into their children’s education.” 

The VINCI tablet can be purchased from the company’s site or through online retailers. Click here for more information.


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