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VTech MobiGo Touch Brings Education and Entertainment to Young Minds [GIVEAWAY!]

VTech MobiGo Touch

While kids’ tablets seem to be the name of the game this holiday season, consider the many other learning devices on the market that offer equal amounts of entertainment, education and fun for those little curious minds. 

VTech has a long line of fantastic products, one of which is the MobiGo Touch. With characteristics similar to that of the iPod Touch – but clearly much more kid-friendly – the MobiGo Touch provides a touchscreen that kids can tap, swipe and drag, just like mommy and daddy do. It also offers a slide-open keyboard that kids can easily use when needed and hide when not. 

As with all other VTech devices/toys rooted in edutainment, the MobiGo Touch offers a wide range of activities and learning games that help kids practice their math, vocabulary, spelling skills and more. The device comes with a free cartridge that offers seven games and there are many more available for purchase that feature your child’s favorite characters such as Dora the Explorer, Cars, Mickey Mouse, Elmo, Disney Fairies, Toy Story and more ($19.99 each). With fun graphics and great sound effects, kids will feel like their playing right alongside the familiar faces they’ve come to know and love. 

The device can also be connected via PC to an online destination called Learning Lodge Navigator where parents can track their kids’ progress and additional free downloads are available. The internal storage on the unit is quite small, which means you can’t upload and store too many games at one time, but each game is rife with activity and should keep your child occupied and entertained for a while. 

The unit is quite small and fits perfectly into a child’s hands. There is a rubberized grip surrounding the sides of the unit which make it easier to hold, and keeps it protected when dropped. The device is touted for kids ages 3-8, but I think this is perfect for kids on the younger end of that age recommendation. By the time kids reach the age of 5 or 6, I’d imagine they’re pretty well-versed in technology and would be more suited for the InnoTab, VTech’s kid tablet. 

But with all the cool bells and whistles on the VTech MobiGo, I’m sure that kids of all ages will be hooked. 



**VTech is offering the MobiGo Touch Learning System, a game cartridge and a game storage unit to a lucky Screen Play winner! The prize pack, valued at $110, will make any little kid jump for joy. Simply click here to enter.

The giveaway runs from Monday, Dec. 12 – Friday, Dec. 16 (Read the official rules here) **Please note: Once a winner is selected, VTech will make every effort to deliver the unit by Christmas, but delivery by Dec. 25th is NOT guaranteed.