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Would You Give Up Sex to Keep Your iPad?


If you have a tablet in your house, consider your habits using this device. Do you use it on a daily basis? If so, for how long? What would you give up to be able to keep your tablet? Well, a survey that Yahoo! conducted last month finds some interesting habits of U.S. households and their tablet usage.   

After speaking with 2,000 respondents between the ages of 18-64 years old, Yahoo! found that people really love their tablets, but just how much? Well, for starters, a whopping 91 percent of people go nighty-night after using their tablet in bed as their “go-to” wind-down device. Speaking of the bedroom, 25 percent of women surveyed responded that they’d be “happy” to give up sex to keep their tablet. Only 13 percent of men felt the same way. (Although the survey doesn’t specify how long this celibacy would last.) 

And while this small percentage of men are that tied to their tablets, a larger percentage (33) seems to want to travel with it throughout the house. Like to the bathroom. A third of men in the study reported “frequently” taking their tablet to the bathroom and using it to email, read the news and IM friends. That’s certainly one IM I’d opt out of receiving. And I hope those men wash their hands sufficiently consider another study from the UK last year found evidence of fecal matter on phones brought into bathrooms. Anyone have hand sanitizer? 

While tablets in bathrooms is not an encouraging trend, what’s interesting is that 15 percent of respondents said they’d give up their car for an entire YEAR to be able to keep their tablet. Yahoo! guesstimates that this would equate to 45 million fewer cars on the road and 270 million tons fewer greenhouse gases emitted per year. Keep Angry Birds and walk to work. Not a bad compromise. 

Here’s the infographic that details the tablet habits of U.S. households:


What would you give up?




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