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Would You Put Your Baby in This High-Tech Onesie?


Technology seems to be impacting our kids at younger ages than ever before, but this newly announced high-tech onesie called the “Exmobaby” takes early adoption to a whole new level.

The Exmobaby calls itself a “next generation smart garment” line of clothing for newborns through babies aged 12 months. What makes it “smart” is the sensor technology that’s embedded into the clothing that monitors baby’s movements, heart rate, skin temperature and overall well-being.

The biosensors in the baby onesie are wireless which means that all the measurements the sensors take are automatically sent to parents’ computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc. The company claims that the software will enable parents to “record physical states and attach a motivation, such as hunger or tiredness, which allows the system to predict likely causes of future events. With parent and caregiver input, the technology can learn over time and help predict baby’s future emotional and behavior states.”

While I can appreciate this kind of technology possibly being useful for parents of kids with medical conditions and for babies who may have increased chances of SIDS, the FAQ section that addresses the functionality of the clothing poses questions like:   

-          Will my baby die?

-          Will I be able to protect my baby from harm?

-          Will life ever be the same again?

-          Will I be able to provide for this child financially?

Talk about playing up the fears of already nervous new parents.

Not only that, but I would wonder what kind of long-term effect there is of having these electromagnetic waves so close to a newborn baby’s body. In response, Exmobaby says:

There is greater proven danger to babies from choking hazards than exposure to wireless or radiating devices like cell phones, radios and/or microwaves. Exmobaby is insulated and designed to broadcast data, and hence radiate, minimally. In any case, babies are exposed to significantly more radiation from nearby cell phones than from sleeping with Exmobaby.

The onesie is not available to the public yet, but is currently being offered as an “Evaluation Test Pack” to resellers and distributors for $1,000 on its site. While I foresee this being just the beginning of what’s to come in this new realm baby monitoring technology, the age-old method of winging it, sleep deprivation, crying and the uncertainty of the newborn phase still seems like the best answer.

Would you put your baby in high-tech onesie like this?





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