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Would You Want Your Husband to Wear the 'Mommy Tummy'?

Mommy Tummy

If you’ve experienced pregnancy, you know what it’s like to feel the aches and the pains that can go along with expanding belly (and butt, feet, fingers and every other body part for that matter). Empathetic husbands, try as hard as they may, attempt to feel what’s it’s like to have the extra weight – some even pack on the pounds along with you – but can never really know what it’s like to be with child. That is, until now.

At the recent SIGGRAPH Technology Conference in Vancouver, Japanese inventor Takayuki Kosaka revealed the "Mommy Tummy,” a pregnancy suit aimed to simulate everything a woman goes through. This removable vest has expandable pockets in the belly and chest area that can be filled with water to simulate weight gain, breast enlargement and center of gravity shifts. What’s more incredible is that the suit also simulates baby kicks with a series of sensors and actuators that only are relieved when the wearer rubs his belly.

Kosaka created the suit to help men increase their sense of empathy and give them as real an experience as possible to feel what it’s like, even for a few minutes, to be pregnant. Even though it’s just a vest, 80 percent of women who tried on the suit said it felt real.

Now if only they had a suit to simulate labor.

Would your husband wear the Mommy Tummy?