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Before You Give Your Kid Your iPhone, Put It In a Woogie

Griffin Woogie

There are so many great apps and games for kids on mobile devices these days, it seems as if your iPhone has evolved from a calling device to a super fancy kid’s toy that can make phone calls. As much as you love your phone, it’s likely that your kid does even more.

There are plenty of cases out there that are “impact-resistant,” but most of these don’t know what impact means when you’re talking about having the phone in the hands of a toddler. If you let your toddler use your iPhone (or iPod Touch) a lot, but are always bracing yourself to hear the drop and then cracking of glass, the Griffin Woogie is definitely worth a look.

Your device slides into a sleeve that velcroes shut and the clear front still provides unfettered access to all the apps and games of your child’s desires.  

The Woogie is dubbed as “50% stuffed animal and 50% protective case,” and is a great way to keep the iPhone totally protected. But be forewarned, when you turn your already appealing device into a cuddly and fuzzy appealing device, good luck getting it back.

The Griffin Woogie is available from the company’s website for $19.99.





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