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Babyproofing in the Digital Age 


You've plugged up the outlets and rubberized sharp table edges. Babyproofing complete? Um, no. With so many digital devices in today's homes, the requirements for keeping kids safe have changed. Here's Your new high-tech baby-proofing list:

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Secure Your Screens

TV and computer screens are thinner and more maneuver-able than ever, but this can mean disaster for a curious kid. On average, a child dies every two weeks when a TV, appliance or large piece of furniture falls on him, says the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.'s technology blogger Jeana Tahnk recommends securing flat screens with wall anchors like the Safety 1st Prograde Flat Screen TV Lock. ($33;

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Eliminate Cord Clutter

With recharging phones, tablets and MP3 players, your house probably looks like an electrical-cord jungle. Tahnk recommends investing in waterproof and shock-proof circuit breakers, like Wet Circuits ($70;, as well as a device to keep kids from tripping on or playing with loose cords, like Cable Capture ($6;

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Beware of Batteries

Injuries related to ingesting button batteries (small, circular batteries found in many devices) have increased sevenfold since 1985. Keep electronics with coin-size batteries out of reach if the battery compartments don't screw shut.