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5 Real Ways that Real People are Saving Money

While setting up Family Budget Boot Camp, I started trolling the personal finance sites and quickly became addicted. A few (very different) ones I think are worth looking at this week:

How I Paid Off $20,000 in Debt While Still Having Fun
I do wish he’d given a little more detail about how this got done, but it’s a nice inspiring story (and you can always ask!)

How to Spot a Great Price on Meat
Really useful info from $5 Dinners. She says she tries to keep the price of protein (fish, chicken, meat) to below $2.50 per meal!

Safewaygirl’s Safeway deals: Oct 21-27
I lurve Safewaygirl, who basically keeps track of savings at her local Safeway in a chatty, very easy-to-use way. There are lots of folks who do this kind of work online (though not all of them as fun to read as Safewaygirl -- who, BTW, is not in any way sponsored by Safeway), saving you the hard work of pouring over the advertised deals to see if they’re really, you know, steals. Check out our friend, for example -- her bulletin boards break it up by store and geographic area!

5 Reasons to Dump Your Strict Budget
To most of us, "budget" is like "diet" -- i.e., a no-fun drag. Yes, you need to manage your money in order for it not to manage you, but Frugal Dad gives some good reasons why you shouldn’t go too crazy about it.

On the other hand …

How One Family Eliminated $106,000 in Debt
This family put pedal to the metal and paid everything off in 5 years.


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