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Attracting Energies, and Not Getting What I Need

I've been here in Georgia for 3 weeks, and I am alone for the first time. My husband went to Virginia for work. Despite the fact that we had been apart for a year and I got used to it, this feels strange. I think I'll make the most of it by leaving the dishes and taking a bath in my new, deeper tub (I didn't have this in my house).

I'm also reading a book called The Smart Cookies' Guide to Making More Dough. At the chapter called "The Taboo Topic" I have to laugh at "Andrea" who has $18,000 in debt. I think to myself, BIG DEAL. That's nothing! I have a home equity loan, a car loan, a school loan, a mortgage, rent, and oodles of credit card debt. I have had a ridiculous amount of debt since I got married in 2001. Despite the fact that I got divorced in 2003 and I could have paid off everything and had a clean slate, I chose to buy a house with my divorce settlement money because I never wanted to live in an apartment. And look at me now: losing my house, my credit score, my ability to have credit, my pride, AND living in an apartment! Now that's Karma. What do they call it in The Secret? “Attracting Energies”?

Over the last month, I have actually had $45,500 worth of open credit taken away, even though I was never late on any payments -- all because the house didn't close in June. One credit card was closed completely and two lowered my limits. Meanwhile, my house is in picture-perfect condition, which is exactly how I lived in it. But my bank is stalling so they can get their foreclosure. I haven't heard from them since last week, when they sent me an email stating that I would finally have an answer to the short sale proposal in just 2 short hours. That was 5 days ago.

Do they think that they can sell my house in the Spring for more than what we are selling it for right now? (See? THIS is why otherwise sane people destroy their houses before they leave them to the bank. People feel jilted, hurt, depressed, and end up doing things that they would not normally do.) It is really sad and I wonder why these banks are not willing to work with people -- like me -- who have legitimately worked with them. This experience is so frustrating.