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Broke Until Payday

So many decisions to make. In my Ghanaian culture, family is everything. We have my aunt's funeral coming up next month, and we're all supposed to contribute ... but I don't know where this money is coming from. My mother's 50th birthday is today and I honestly don't have enough money to buy her a card. My paycheck just got cut by $200 because I signed on to a flexible spending account for childcare and I just got on a healthcare plan. (We had Medicaid before.) It's KILLING me. I need to get in touch with Gerry ASAP to change my deductions to see if I can free up any money for the trip to Ghana. The plane tickets come out to $2300 for the kids and myself.

The kids' father wants to use a child as a deduction and I know he could use the money, but I need it too. He's way behind on his student loans and I feel bad because he does pay for our 3-year-old's school fees and buys the kids' clothes, but I'm leaning towards saying no. Even without paying any bills, I'm broke 'til next payday, so I seriously wonder how I'll do it when I consolidate and have to make monthly payments on my debt. It's getting harder to stay afloat when life's unexpected are coming faster than anticipated, if that makes any sense!