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A Busy Week of Interviews

Wow. What a week!

On Monday, I woke up at 2am with a head cold, and I was nervous about Interview #1. When I arrived, I was interviewed by two managers from two different departments for two different executive administration positions. I know that I have the skills, but I’m also not great at selling myself. All in all, it felt like there was a good rapport. I wasn’t terribly thrilled with the atmosphere though. Everything was gray: the walls, the floors, the cubicles, even the manager’s suites. If I got it, it’d be a job. On the other hand, the pay is what I need it to be, it’d work with school, and I’d have decent benefits.

On Tuesday, I still had a cold, and I had the formal interview for my masters program. They didn’t give me an official answer about whether I’d gotten in. I’ll get that in a letter within a few days. But they did tell me which classes to register for as soon as I receive my letter, so I’m fairly confident that means I’m accepted. 

On Wednesday, I had Interview #3, which turned out to just be a skills test to find out who they wanted to interview. They’d told me to plan on about 2 hours. It took me 3, and I was the first one finished in my group! Although the testing was intense, this job would be my preference. It’s an administrative position again, but for a library. I love books and education, and it’s an easy 20-minute drive from where I want to be living when I’m on my own again. So it’s easy to look at this one as a long term position.

Thursday: Sleep? Nope. I couldn't breathe and the sinus pressure was beyond words. And I still had Interview #4 to get through. But first, I met with Derek. I can’t say enough about how great it is to work with him. He’s helping me put together a budget. I know I’ll be starting school in January, but if one of these jobs come through, it’s highly likely I’ll be starting work at the same time. There’s a lot of moving pieces, so we agreed to not make any solid decisions now and see what happens of the next couple of weeks.

That afternoon, Parenting arranged a meeting with an employment agency, Boly:Welch, to see what tips they could give me on presenting myself better to employers. Carie was wonderful (and gracious despite my congestion, sneezing and nose-blowing!). We spent two hours talking through my entire job history -- my skills, weaknesses, ideal job situation, and what I absolutely would not accept. It was great to be able to bring up some things that I usually avoid talking about, like my self-employment, and the gaps between jobs I’ve had. She helped me figure out how to package my experience in a way that is honest, but also sells me far better than what I’ve been doing. She gave me some pointers on my resume as well.

I have to admit, it was the first time I really heard myself in some ways. Carie showed me that I really do have great skills and a lot to offer, but that I just needed more confidence in myself. I realized she was right. After 12 years of a less-than-positive marriage, my self-esteem has taken it hard and it’s shown up in my life in all kinds of ways. Being away from the negativity now for almost a year has done wonders, and I’m seeing myself in a whole new light. And yet, I know I still have more self-work to do.

When I left her office I checked my voicemail and there was a call from the library. They want me to come in for an actual interview. I called them back and set it up for the 14th. After talking with Carie and hearing her describe my skills and job history in such a wonderful way, I feel a lot more ready and excited for the next opportunity I have coming up.