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Eric Got a Promotion!

We had a really blessed event take place in our lives last week. Eric was promoted to sergeant, Finally! We have been waiting so long for this—three years!--that it totally took us off guard. We had a promotion ceremony and I got to "pin" Eric. I am so proud of him and happy for our family. Not only is this a significant pay raise but it also opens doors to future employment opportunities. With the promotion, Eric has earned a little more respect from fellow soldiers and that makes me really happy because he deserves it. He works really hard and has been doing the job of a higher enlisted officer without getting the pay or props.

I also got word this week that I will be getting my last unemployment pay check. So we will be taking in less money per month, but Eric’s raise is significant enough to make a difference. Of course, I have to look at the figures all over again and rework the numbers. Once again, God has blessed us just when we needed it most.